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NCCV 2022

Volleyball tournament

Thesis defenses 2021

J. Han, December 1st 2021
Face analysis and deepfake detection

L.M. Ngo, October 27th 2021
Learning image decomposition for face analysis and synthesis

H. ElNaghy, September 29th 2021
Pairwise alignment of archaeological fragments through morphological characterization of fracture surfaces

A.S. Baslamisli, September 8th 2021
Physics aware learning of intrinsic images

W. Zeng, June 2nd 2021
3D scene understanding from a single image

H.-A. Le, May 18th 2021
Outdoor image understanding from multiple vision modalities


30-01-2023: Deepfake therapie: quand les victimes d'agression sexuelle peuvent dialoguer avec leur agresseur. Article dans Le Vif .

29-01-2023: Processing sexual abuse with deepfake therapy: victims talk to robot version of the perpetrator. Articles vrt.be and msn.com .

16-12-2022: Deepfakes can also be helpful for DataNews .

16-12-2022: The House of Representatives wants to ban deepfakes, but that can hardly be enforced. Article nu.nl .

02-12-2022: Article in de Volkskrant about deepfake therapy and the question whether talking to a perpetrator or deceased partner can help to process a trauma or unpleasant event.

21-11-2022: Our CV group is participating 2022 British Machine Vision Conference at London. Two papers get accepted !

13-11-2022: Perpetrator confrontation using deepfake technology with victims with sexual violence-related PTSD and moral injury. The platform deeptherapy.ai is developed by 3DUniversum!

01-11-2022: Our CV group is participating the all hands meeting of lvl at the Planetarium Meeting Center !

23-10-2022: Our CV group is participating ECCV 2022 at Tel Aviv !

25-09-2022: Our CV group organized an excellent Karting race event at Silverstone !

23-09-2022: Celebrate the official opening of Delta Lab! Delta Lab (UvA-Bosch) .

15-09-2022: Celebrate the official opening of Atlas Lab! Atlas Lab (UvA-TomTom) .

09-09-2022: 3DUniversum, spin-off of the Informatics Institute awarded EUR 1M grant. 3DUniversum founded by Theo Gevers and Sezer Karaoglu of the Informatics Institute, is awarded EUR 1M grant to co-develop the first self-test STD kit that you can do at home with instant results. The grant is for the FASTDetection project (with a total amount of EUR 2,7M) through the Eurostars Programme. Partners are Testmate Health SA and University Hospital of Geneva. Read more: Article at IvI-UvA .

22-06-2022: Our CV group is participating CVPR 2022! One work on intrinsic decomposition gets accepted! Our work .

24-05-2022: Our CV group is participating NCCV 2022! One oral presentation and multiple poster presentations! NCCV Schedule .

23-05-2022: Police have posted a deepfake video online in which a 13-year-old victim calls on his killer and witnesses to come forward: (1) Paudal , (2) NOS 8 uur Journaal (time 11:33) , (3) NOS , (4) Trouw , and (5) Digitale overheid .

20-05-2022: Our CV group is participating the volleyball tournament, organized by Faculty of Science, UvA! Volleyball Tournament .

07-04-2022: Hyperspectral City Challenge dataset from the 3rd International Workshop on Physics Based Vision meets Deep Learning (PBDL) can be downloaded now! Training and testing set of V1.0. Training and testing set of V2.0.

23-03-2022: Our CV group is participating in Delta Lab 2 (an ICAI lab with Bosch), 3 New PhD position! UNiversity of Amsterdam .

18-03-2022: Theo Gevers, co-director of new research lab (EUR 5.2 million funding for a total of 10 PhD students for 4 years) - Delta Lab - collaboration between UvA and Bosch .

10-03-2022: NCCV 2022 Registeration! A Dutch computer vision conference that brings every CVer together. NCCV 2022 .

12-01-2022: Sightcorp has been founded by prof. dr. Theo Gevers and dr. Roberto Valenti as a spin-off of the Informatics Institute. The years of its founding, technical development and commercialization have been inspiring, fun and challenging. Sightcorp has now been sold to Raydiant who will take over the team, company name and technology. Sightcorp's product and related academic research have received attention and appreciation from all over the world. It has shined in the (inter) national press at DWDD, RTL, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, TV5, etc. Sightcorp (spin-off Informatics Institute) acquired by Raydiant .

22-09-2021: TV item featuring 3DUniversum technology, NPO 2.

16-09-2021: Faceswap by 3DUniversum of Britt Dekker (deepfake starts at 3:00 minutes) to inform children about deepfakes: NPO Zapp..

15-07-2021: The truth of deepfake. De Kennis van Nu: TV science specials.

03-07-2021: Comments on 'Deepfake it till you make it' Article in de Volkskrant.

28-05-2021: Video released of videomeeting (see also news item 28-04-2021) between Dutch MPs and fake Volkov (possibly imitated by pranker Aleksej Stoljarov): (1) NOS, (2) Volkskrant.

29-04-2021: Deepfake? 'Ask if he wants to turn around quickly'. Article in Financieel Dagblad.

28-04-2021: Zoom meeting between Dutch MPs and possible fake employee Navalny: (1) NOS Jornaal (Start 4:15.End 6:31 minutes), (2) NOS first article, (3) NOS second article, (4) Volkskrant, and (5) Trouw.

03-04-2021: Deepfakes seem more real than ever before, but how dangerous are the videos? Article at nu.nl

02-03-2021: Deepfake allows grandchildren to see their grandfather (again). Article in Trouw.

26-02-2021: Our spin-off company 3DUniversum released (App Store) the first and only all-in-one solution mobile application wescan offering fast and easy capture, edit and share 3D models of environments.

25-02-2021: Talking to a deceased. Is that possible? Article in AD

21-02-2021: How deepfakes can change business NOS Nieuwsuur

07-02-2021: Faceswap generation of Gerri Baudet (the brother of) by our spin-off company 3DUniversum voor Zondag met Lubach. And a Headswap generation (Grapperhaus vs Dick Advocaat) for the Bram Krikke Show (Videoland).

15-12-2020: Intuiface and our start-up Sightcorp have joined forces to create the digital signage industry. Digital Signage Today, Webinar.

08-12-2020: Our start-up 3DUniversum is selected by Hollands Finest: the absolute top of media related tech companies from The Netherlands. See Hollands Finest.

27-11-2020: Presentation "AI for bereavement" at the Gala of Science organized by the New Scientist.

22-11-2020: We are happy to contribute to the last 2020 episode of Zondag met Lubach . In this broadcast, Lubach elaborates on three components of our AI technology: (1) our deepfake generation software to create deepfakes of Mark Rutte with the aim to increase societal and political awareness of the danger of deepfakes, (2) our deepfake detection, software assisting to automatically identify AI generated profile pictures to expose malicious (political) influencing campaigns, and (3) our grief therapy support software to help people with their bereavement counselling.

10-11-2020: Our spin-off 3DUniversum assists in exposing (political) influencing campaign of bot army using in-house developed deepfake detection technology: Nieuwsuur, NOS, Nieuwscheckers, ICT Magazine.

27-10-2020: AI-driven composite drawing for detecting: Klaas Kan Alles.

25-10-2020: AI for the benefit of grief therapy. We worked closely with the Dutch film academy to produce a new film (documentary) which is broadcast on national TV: Deepfake Therapy: NPO3 KRO-NCRV.

01-09-2020: Deep fake quiz: Max Vandaag .

31-07-2020: Face recognition with face masks: a new challenge. Volkskrant.

15-02-2020: Our deep fake detection software (DeepFact) developed by 3Duniversum selected as top innovation by Blue Tulip Awards .

19-11-2019: Anti-virus software for deep fakes: AG Connect .

12-09-2019: Article in newspaper Trouw about a ban on deepfakes.

12-06-2019: (Press) National TV item, RTL News , on deep fake video detecton. From time stamp: 17:21-19:40

12-06-2019: (Press) BNR News, discussion on the impact of (fake) video's of Mark Zuckerberg and Nancy Pelosi.

29-01-2019: Presentation for Executive Inspiration Network on the power of AI in real estate.

16-01-2019: Putin speaks Dutch! Watch this Video , made for art and education purposes: Theatre Play "De (orde) chaos van 2018" on fake news. Article Volkskrant .

13-12-2018: Presentation for NRC Live on "AI: the answer to everything?".

23-11-2018: Discussion on the impact of manipulated news Meetup Tegenlicht.

21-11-2018: Article on creative AI.

18-11-2018: TV item on the impact of deep fake news broadcasted by the national TV-VPRO Tegenlicht.

09-11-2018: TV item on deep fake videos broadcasted by De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD).

21-10-2018: TV item about the impact of AI on national TV-VPRO Tegenlicht.

12-03-2018: Publications on computer vision presented at world's best conference UvA, 2018.

12-12-2017: Key-note entitled "Intrinsic Image Understanding by Deep Learning" at Applications of Intelligent Systems. APPIS2018 will be held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain on 8-12 January 2018.

10-12-2017: Key-note at Norway's national conference on image processing and pattern recognition NOBIM, Hafjell, Oyer, Norway, entitled "What's in a face?".

30-11-2017: Presentation at How Change The World 2017, the extraordinary day-long conference that presents a panoramic view of the future.

21-11-2017: 32 million euro for top-level technological research. Hiring PhD students!

21-11-2017: Contribution to the Huawei Ireland Research Video Summit 2017 Article and Program

22-10-2017: Hanan ElNaghy and Leo Dorst get a paper accepted for ICCV 2017 E-Heritage Workshop, Geometry Based Faceting of 3D Digitized Archaeological Fragments

17-10-2017: Contribution to Emerce eDay.

22-09-2017: Article on predicting facial expressions for enhanced social communication between humans and machines: page1, page2

20-09-2017: Can A.I. determine the sexual orientation of a person by reading faces? See: NOS, Volkskrant, NPO

25-07-2017: Article in the Volkskrant on fakenews using facial intelligence:

17-07-2017: Thomas Mensink has been awarded an outstanding reviewer award for CVPR 2017.


In 2016 we were hosting ECCV. Follow this ECCV link for videos and downloads.

07-09-2016: The implications of A.I. in The Netherlands, meeting organized by networkclub FD Circle.