Social Activities

In these page, you will find relevant information about the social activities during the workshop, as well as nearby events that may be of interest to the workshop participants.


Social Events

The World Cup Finale: The final game of the World Cup is on 11 July, at 20:30. For participants arriving one day before the Workshop, we were planning to watch the game at the Polder. However, since Netherlands made it to the final game, we will be at the Museumplein with 100.000 other spectators. Send an e-mail to the a.a.salah_at_uva.nl if you are planning to come; we'll be meeting at aroung 19:00.

The first week of the Workshop will host a wine & cheese poster session, where senior PhD students get to present their research to the other participants. This session is planned for helping the participants share expertise during the workshop, as well as a means to socialize across project groups.


Concerts and Festivals

Here you can find links to some of the concerts and festivals that will be held around the time of the eNTERFACE'10 workshop. You should book well in advance for many of the events, since the tickets may be sold out weeks before the event date.

  • North Sea Jazz Festival:
    The North Sea Jazz Festival is strategically positioned prior to the Workshop (9-11 July), in Rotterdam; jazzy participants should plan to come to Netherlands a few days before the workshop to attend the festival. Rotterdam can be reached in one hour via train from Amsterdam.
  • Het Concertgebouw:
    Het Concertgebouw is the famous concert hall of Amsterdam, and has a full program around the year. Check their webpages for classical concerts, including solo performances by leading pianists, choral and orchstral works, as well as occasional jazz performances.
  • Bimhuis:
    A famous spot for jazz lovers, the Bimhuis offers classical and avant-garde jazz performances in a unique atmosphere.
  • Sensation White:
    Sensation White is a major dance event and comes to Amsterdam on the 3rd of July. For early attendees...



The City

Amsterdam has a lively social life, a huge number of museums, cafes, bars, and night clubs. Local and international festivals are organized all around the year. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of interesting events, even for locals. We give a couple of links that are relevant here.
  • I Amsterdam:
    I Amsterdam has a thorough collection of all sorts of information for people coming to Amsterdam for a short or a long term. They also offer touristic services. You can find a list of important activities announced through this website for July-August 2010 period here.
  • Underwater Amsterdam:
    This is an independent guide to Amsterdam that is an excellent starting point for the initiate.

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